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  What is the solution to the Loyalty Rewards problem?   As of 2017, the estimated value of the global incentives and rewards industry was approximately US$320 billion with an annual growth of 6% expected thereafter. According to a survey by Code Broker, The Nielsen Company, 76% of the consumers simply do not use their...
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  Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash In mid-2017, an Equifax data breach exposed 145.5 million users’ data. The breach was caused by a software flaw which allowed the hackers to take over the company’s website. Currently, people receive many different identification certificates, including social security and medical ID cards; however, their personal data may be stored in...
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With Malaysia’s 14th general election over bar for the shouting, the country is moving into a period of reflection. Yes, mistakes occurred and abuses in the electoral system were evident, but the people made their choice. Looking forward to the next general election, and maybe local elections, many wonder, can transparency and security be ensured for those eligible to...
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As Malaysians welcome a newly elected government, they look forward to this government’s initiatives to improve the country’s economic and regulatory landscape. With the concerns of mis-management and manipulation, technology enthusiasts believe adopting blockchain technology will address these concerns and drive Malaysia to be a greater, just and prosperous nation. In a nutshell, blockchain technology is a form...
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The International Waqf & Blockchain Forum (IWBF) aims to explore new opportunities and possibilities available through the creation and use of blockchain technology in facilitating the development and sustainability of waqf. The overall objective of forum is to establish clarity and a collective understanding of the potential that blockchain technology can offer in supporting the...
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Nairobi, Kenya – Finterra is pleased to announce that we have officially launched our fintech services in Kenya today. The block chain summit last month inspired our entry to the Kenyan market where we noticed increased interest and uses cases in sectors that would benefit from the blockchain technology. Kenya is the first country in...
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MUSCAT, OMAN – Asia’s blockchain scene is about to get a boost, as new agreements were inked on Tuesday (May 1) to enhance cross-country partnerships and co-innovation between Oman and Malaysia companies. This took place at the biennial Oman Global Tech & Investment Summit 2018 held at the Grand Hyatt, where a slew of memorandums...
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MUSCAT, April 30, 2018 – Founder & CEO of Finterra, Hamid Rashid the keynote speaker in the Oman Global Tech & Investment Summit, addressed a crowd of Oman’s top political leaders, inventors and innovators, technocrats, business tycoons, decision makers both from government, public and private sectors. The summit aims to facilitate large scale FDI, investment...
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Finterra’s CEO, Hamid Rashid, mesmerized the crowd by sharing his insights on how blockchain is changing the world order. Trescon World Blockchain Summit took off in Moscow with the aim to connect international blockchain experts and key technology players in this space. The event took place on 26 – 27 April, 2018 in the Renaissance Hotel Moscow. Finterra is a blockchain solution...
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