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we provide a social solution on blockchain


A Social Solution

The Finterra Blockchain


The Finterra Ecosystem is composed of the Finterra Hub and several product/service chains that interact with the Finterra Hub and one another through the Finterra Inter-Chain Protocol.

The Finterra Hub is intended to perform the following roles:

  • Serve as the base chain for the Finterra network token
  • Facilitate transactions between chains
  • Act as a source of security for chains to checkpoint upon
  • Be a launch pad for new chain creation.

Features and Benefits

  • Multi-chain architecture to solve existing industry issues of scalability, security, and functionality limitations
  • Robust and responsible consensus engine to ensure chain security
  • Modular and flexible design to accommodate any business requirements without the inherent
    limitations of a single chain approach

Technical Details

  • Finterra Inter-Chain Protocol enables cross-chain smart contracting, chain state checkpointing, and inter-chain token transfer
  • Flexible and modular design allows for fine grained permissioning and improved freedom in blockchain configuration
  • Consensus based on a modified Proof of Stake algorithm
  • Instant block finality guarantees high data consistency
  • 1-2 second block times
  • Incentivization model to promote a large validation pool
  • Robust crash-fail mitigation mechanism to ensure network availability